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Electric Motor Recycling: New Resources for Raw Materials!
Based on the vision of De Leeuw Metalen BV, De Leeuw Metalen BV is a worthy player in the field of sustainable processing of electric motors and serving the circular economy. The motors that De Leeuw Metalen BV dismantled include generators, motors from wind turbines, and industrial motors. Every size and weight is processed by us.

Improvement starts with insight. To see where improvements can be made in the chain, it is important to work together on the further development of innovative ideas. These are initiatives that make a valuable contribution to the recycling of, among other things, electric motors, which benefits the environment. A good example of this is that existing wind turbines must be replaced and recycled at the end of their life cycle. The raw materials that are released during this process can be reused for new purposes.

For a number of years now, De Leeuw Metalen BV has developed a new process in which the electric motors are manually dismantled. The advantage of this is that the raw materials that are released can be separated even better.

Current market developments have forced De Leeuw Metalen BV to provide its own processing method. This has made the company’s distinctive character even clearer. De Leeuw Metalen BV has become a worthy player in the international field and the material is supplied to De Leeuw Metalen BV in large quantities from various parts of the world.