Buy and Sell

Specialist in metal recycling

Metal recycling is a world in itself. Through decades of specific industry experience, De Leeuw Metalen BV has developed into a worthy player in the market. De Leeuw Metalen BV has a very extensive worldwide network, which means we are able to carry out what is required of us, and if possible: just a little more than that.

De Leeuw Metaal BV specializes in the processing of electric motors, as well as the purchase and sale of ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Both private individuals and companies can return their scrap iron and other types of metal to De Leeuw Metalen BV. We ensure a competent and professional processing of the collected materials.

De Leeuw Metalen BV has all the required permits and works from a clear vision of the market and considers the quality of the environment to be of paramount importance. De Leeuw Metalen BV strives to work as environmentally friendly as possible and has made the necessary provisions for this.

Doing business with an open mind

Thanks to our tight corporate culture, more and more suppliers and buyers of scrap metals find their way to De Leeuw Metalen BV. We stick to the premise: a deal is a deal. It does not matter whether it concerns large or small quantities, short or long-term contracts for the purchase and sale of metals. We assess every demand and every offer with understanding and knowledge of the market and fully guarantee every agreement we enter into.

Inspection and payment

Material purchased and delivered in Nijmegen is always inspected on our yard, checked and weighed on the calibrated weighbridges. Standard procedure upon arrival of the material is to measure any radioactivity. Details are photographed and possibly weighed to avoid misunderstandings. And if everything is found to be in order, the agreed purchase amount will be reimbursed. The materials we deliver are always carefully sorted and checked. De Leeuw Metaal BV offers its customers complete security.